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After the first event – issues

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    phew! made it…. now for transforming the site into something sustainable, and able to host future events.

    First issue I found is that is great for a single event on a website, but does not seem to have a way of “archiving” the event so that the info could be preserved, and a new event made active. Maybe I’m missing something. While wonderful the developer has a very full featured free version, he has not been responsive.

    Now I have a little editing job, splitting up the zoom talks . This was talked about during the sessions. There are online editing programs, geared to marketeers who are working in a team. Perhaps those would be a good way of having larger conventions edited. There’s also AI projects that are working on video editing, but that is probably a few years off.

    I should have tagged the presentation pages with the event date.

    sigh, big too do list

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