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Comm tool wanted

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    I think it would be useful to have a floating window/app for each speaker. That is, on the speaker’s desktop they would have a little window that would always be on top of everything. The techs could send messages to that, maybe change the window color.

    Maybe also have a way the speaker could respond, like with definable buttons.

    DM zoom chat just doesn’t cut it. Chat programs I’ve looked at are too big (screen area) and annoying to configure.

    Need to have a dead simple, robust way to configure it. Perhaps upon installation app generates id code. Then while on a call with the tech, speaker hits a button which sends id (via hard coded route, like a url) to tech’s app, so that tech could assign name to ID.

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    That’s a cool idea. As a speaker, I know I want a simple first-level interaction. I want to be told go/stop/contact us/your dinner is here/there’s a question waiting/etc, and I’d like to be able to press a button to respond or get attention in a meaningful way. So floating window app seems like a good idea.

    The other form of comms that’s needed is quick point-to-point or multipoint-to-multipoint (party line) discussion. Discord, IM and phones don’t cut it. We got that right at CoNZealand by using a broadcast tool to set up multi-station virtualised comms using VLink. Worked very well, and turned out to be essential, but it’s stupidly expensive. We either need the vendor to drop the price or we need an alternative.

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    (suppressing internal squeeee from seeing the forum being used)
    Maybe start new thread for the vlink issues. How you used it, what the costs were, any alternatives?

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