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    Hi @Jay – hoping that asking this question here will make it useful for others!

    Just wanted to ask a question about the WP Conference Scheduler plugin. I noticed the pro version has support for custom fields, but one thing I couldn’t find anywhere in the documentation is does it create a post for each session, and is it possible to style that with Elementor?

    (Motivation: I’m wondering if I can add a video link as a custom field and embed it in the session page)

    As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m super new to WordPress so apologies if I’m using the wrong terms!

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    yay this is exactly why I set this up. Yes, it creates a post for each workshop, and I think you can embed video. Session is the timeblock, workshop is the talk/presentation.

    Not sure what he is doing to bring the pages into the main page, I know it breaks a plugin that hides text from non-logged in accounts. I suspect other things would break.

    I made a separate normal wordpress page for each talk. I would have liked to do everything in CS, but a big concern was formatting. With the one column view, it’s fine to have a full page of info. But when there are 2 or more parallel sessions it becomes skinny, so I wanted just a short blurb in CS.

    I’m also going from a little dangerous in WP to very dangerous. Elementor along with Advanced Custom Fields is something I want to learn. This guy did a fantastic free class on that, better than most I’ve seen on

    I’m running into an issue with CS right now in that I want to archive the November event and get it set up for another. Does not seem to be a clean way to do it.

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    tried an embed on your workshop in CS. No joy. It did seem to work when editing the page. But then when i tried to go to the page directly (outside of CS) I got the non-CS page. And other workshops are giving a 404 when I try going directly. So something is weird. Might be a CS update, as I have gotten a few in the past month

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