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StreamYard is a live video production tool in your browser. There are no downloads and you don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic and camera to get going.

This was discussed during the Dec 13 meeting


um did any of you go to punctuationcon
punctuation con that was alison scott’s
thing no it was i’m not going to
criticize alex and scott
but um it was a bit of a hodgepodge like
a mixture of there were some things on
zoom some things on discord
and the talks were all stream yard
streamed to youtube
which is a thing that i don’t agree with
doing because lack of security but
i gave a talk there and stream yard
seemed good
i’m not sure if it was better than zoom
we’ve streamed um i run events every
month that we
just do in zoom and stream to youtube
and that’s a good way of doing
a like one-to-many kind of thing
or a few too many um from different
um streamyard has the advantage that you
juggle around things on the screen a lot
better so you can choose like someone
sharing their screen how much
of the screen that takes up where you
put the presenter you can have multiple
people talking on a shared screen and
yeah you can just jiggle it around a lot
more than zoom but other than that
yeah zoom seems fine oh that was
okay i don’t know that one yeah no that
was the only time i’ve ever
used it i think i’ve heard of it and
that’s it it was
very easy from a speaker point of view
they just gave me a link
it’s just in the browser and you just go
to the link and
it’s there and you’ve got people who are
just backstage people
who can talk to you in the chat and like
manage the arrangement and the streaming
and everything

A similar service is Melon

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