Missed the Initial Virtual Convention Convention on November 15, 2020 ?

Fortunately you can see the talks which were streamed to youtube. They will be lightly edited and put on each speaker’s page.

We are having a short get together on November 29 at 4pm EST.

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The goal is to make this website a FREE hub for information on putting on a virtual convention or conference (or seminar, or poster session, or tradeshow, or arts show….. basically the next step beyond a meeting). Not just for a single meeting, this site will remain active, hopefully for years, and possibly host future conventions.

  • Register for access to the live sessions. Only members can comment in the forums.
  • Live convention had one Zoom room
  • Vendor demos with Q&A
  • Group/Discussion board for every presentation
  • High Fidelity based meeting area
  • Wonder.me based meeting area

sorta basing this on

I had a lot of fun participating in a virtual convention. I also enjoyed a few other virtual conventions, and was disappointed in how one enormous, in person convention, was translated to virtual. 

I think bringing con organizers together for a day, so that virtual in person conversations can happen, would be good. Scheduling short informal talks and panel discussions could clue people into what they didn’t know they didn’t know. Hopefully tool vendors will give talks/demos

Date was chosen to give just enough time for a chance of being able to bring this together, and enable observant Jews to attend in the US. Also to just set a target so this thing can happen. 

If you have any experience in running a con, virtual or physical, how about giving a talk, or join a panel, or even hang out in High Fidelity trading stories?

Please start by registering on this site.

contact: virtualconcon at gmail dot com

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